Waiting for [the Old Story of] Cinderella

Hello everyone.
This post is my first time to fully write in English in my  blog. Recently, I wrote my thesis in English, and lately because of the deadline, my work is to write and write and write only,  for my thesis. That's why I now rarely write in this blog.  That's why this post is in English, hahaa… Maybe it’s because of my work.
Well, this morning I read the news in the DramaFever about the new movie released by Disney. The news wrote that Disney releases stunning new trailer for live-action Cinderella. For your information, as I wrote in post Facts About Me, I am an impulsive person for two things; reading and watching. My favorite genre is romance. Yes! I'm a romance addict. Especially a classic romance story about fairytale, one of which, of course, Cinderella. That's why I always like stories about the poor girl meets rich, handsome man, and they finally fall in love. Yeah, the stories like that. Hahaa ...
Actually, this Cinderella movie story is based on the original one. It's unlike Disney movies that mostly adapted into disney fairytale movie with a different story compared to the original one, even with the twist ending. But this one, this new Cinderella movie released, follows the original version (of the old story) very closely. Just take a look this trailer to prove it. 

Even if you feel that the adaptation is too close to the original and would have liked to see a new twist, we can't deny that the cinematography, costumes, and music are stunning and that the message is positively powerful. At least, that's according to what I saw through this trailer. Which one I like most? I like both (original version and the new one) because I like Cinderella story, always, qeqeqeee...
I heard the story, I read the story, I saw the movie, when I was a little girl. Since then, I am a Cinderella fan, aside from the original, my favorite Cinderella story is ever after.
Though I must admit I actually wouldn't have want a twist or anything less than the original story. It's too much of a classic to meddle with, hahaa.. 
Can’t wait to watch!
Happy blogging!
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